Digital Certificates for E-learning platforms

Digital Certificates for E-learning platforms

The year 2020 has brought in some major changes in the learning and education sector. WIth lockdown being imposed, students, learners and professionals all across the world had to resort to their homes and laptops to learn and educate themselves.

To enhance the learner’s experience in education, e-learning platforms were introduced to students and learners. Although e-learning has been around ever since the rise of the internet, recent digitalization and advancements have brought it to light.

As most of the learners were still new to e-learning educational institutes and Edtech companies needed to value and gain the trust of their learners. A blockchain-enabled digital credential can vouch for learners participation and engagement. Since digital credentials are secure and easy to verify and the certification adds value to advance in their career learners are willing to participate in e-learning platforms.

Students and learners across the world love to boast about their achievements within their social circles and on digital platforms. This creates a social brand awareness of the educational e-learning platform attracting more learners to engage and participate.

Different analytical software also helps track students performance and engagement and helps the institution to improve and get progressive results by comparing the numbers from analytics. Organic leads can also be tracked to record the growth and performance of the business.

Analytical tools and digital infrastructures reduce much manual work of the professionals which could be utilized to focus on other important sections of the institution like content creation, marketing and focus on improving the learning experience.

In Conclusion:

Digital certificates improvise the learners’ experience in education. Digital certificates also reward and acknowledge the learners’ participation, progress and achievements. Blockchain-enabled digital credentials are the most secure way to issue credentials to learners. They also create brand awareness and attract new learners creating a brand value for the institution.