Effective Ways to Advertise a Digital Certificate

Effective Ways to Advertise a Digital Certificate

A Digital Certificate is digital proof of your qualification or achievement. It is the digital equivalent to paper-based traditional certifications. A digital certificate uses high-level encryption that allows authentication to perform, issue and view the certification securely.

The anatomy of a digital certificate includes the name of the issuer, the identity of the recipient, issue date, expiry date, digital signature and digital key. The digital signature allows verification of the legitimacy of the certification acquired.

A digital certificate can be shared across all digital platforms. It could be shared via or personal text message or can also be embedded on your portfolio, CV or social networking profile like LinkedIn.

Digital certificates could be issued through a digital credential platform that comes with secure blockchain technology. The digital credential platform can easily facilitate the process of issuing digital certificates. Issuing the certificate can be done with ease, but what is crucial is advertising the certification program.

There can be many ways to Advertise a Digital Certificate, following are some:

Trial and Error:

The organization issuing a digital certification could always test the program with trial or mock training and check for any technical issues or system errors or the working of the program. This will allow the organization to correct the errors and provide an authentic and smoothly running certification platform.

Clear and Concise banners:

Create a clear and concise banner advertising or stating the details of the certification program, the duration of the program and the cost of certification. This could be displayed on the website or sent to potential candidates via email.

Landing Page:

Create a landing page for your website or application that enables the registration of interested members. By creating landing pages, one can get access to the potential candidate’s interests and customize email marketing accordingly. This would notify the candidates about new courses, offers and more encouraging engagement.

Beta testing:

The most effective and proven method that is adopted by organizations across all industries is Beta testing. Before putting out the final output of the program or application, Beta testing allows user acceptance testing that enables real users across the world to test the working of the application and allows reviewing their understanding and satisfaction regarding the platform.

Offers and Discounts:

Allow offers and discount coupons for the program. Enable a free-trial period for new members. This will attract users to enroll and participate in the certification program and also encourage them to act as referrals to attract more users.

The more the organization shares on every digital platform, the more leads it will generate. Advertising could be done by posting creative videos and posts on social media platforms or educational, business platforms like LinkedIn.

In Conclusion:

There are a variety of effective ways organizations across all industries could advertise their Digital certificates. Issuing the certificate with a secure digital credential platform verifies the legitimacy of the digital certificate encouraging trust among the users. Advertising could also be done by creating creative banners, landing pages and email marketing.