Recipe to Success with Digital Badges

Recipe to Success with Digital Badges

Harvard researchers and top culinary experts have explored how cooking works on the principles of science, physics and chemistry affecting the flavours, pattern or texture, colour of the cuisines. Cooking is the most flexible activity experimenting with the flavours, texture and ingredients of the culinary dish.

Just the culinary expert experiments with the culinary creation and somehow predicts the outcome of the same, Customer relationship Management CRM or Customer Success Managers CSM knows how to progress towards the target goal by recognising each member’s skills and abilities.

The main role and responsibility of the CRM and CSM are to identify the customers’ pain points and help them transition to their set to their target or goals. Much like an experienced chef who knows hand with the ingredients he works with, Customer Supports knows how to achieve customer success with help of some key ingredients to successfully initiate a digital badge program that focuses and recognises the achievements of its users, and Here are some of the benefits of the Digital Badge Program recipe :

Encourages engagement and curiosity among the participation Acts as referrals to gain more users Provides added value to the program creating brand awareness Cost-effective and time saver as compared to paper-based certification Recognises the ability and skills of the users

The above-mentioned points discuss the outcome of the Digital badge Program, but what exactly is the secret ingredient of the Recipe to Success with Digital Badge program? We all know to achieve a great culinary dish we must pick the right ingredients to achieve the delicious flavours of the recipe. In the Digital Badge Program, these ingredients could be as follows:

Impactful Marketing Effective Communication Visual Design Framework Wireframing Product Training Support Plan Referral program

There may be situations where you need to tackle the key ingredient to get a better result for achieving the target. This is where CSM and CRM need to do their job with utmost attention and knowledge of the key ingredient to turn it into an effective secret recipe with a note of creativity that recognises the users’ skills and abilities.

In Conclusion:

Much like top chefs who possess accurate knowledge of the key ingredients, Customer Success Managers know how to successfully initiate a Digital badge program that comes with a training and support plan for the users to recognise and demonstrate their competency in their skills and abilities. Just like various chefs have their secret recipes, CSMs and CRMs know the secret recipe to success with Digital Badges which differs from industry to industry.