The problem of Fake Credentials in India and its Ultimate Solution

The problem of Fake Credentials in India and its Ultimate Solution

Every industry, business or educational institution in India have come across one or many cases of fake certification or fake credentials. The existence of certification fraud has been here for around decades causing businesses a lot more effort to identify and qualify the right candidate to carry out their business activities.

What are Fake Credentials?

When an individual forges or manipulates an original credential document with an identity of his own and possesses as a person who is qualified with the contents of the document that they manipulated with is called fake credentials. Fake credentials could be done for faking diplomas, work experience, qualifications, or identity documents

The Problem of Fake Credentials:

Possessing or participating in the forgery of manipulation of credentials is lawfully a fraud and has severe consequences to it. Even with such lawful practices against fake credentials, there has still been a rise in unqualified candidates possessing fake credentials causing a lot of trouble for the recruiters to distinguish among qualified and unqualified members.

The existence of fake credentials could be due to many factors like negligence or incompetence of the verification bodies or the shocking originality of the fake credential provided that cannot be discriminated from the legitimate document.

Fake credential scams could be done in a variety of ways:

Systemic frauds are through moles in universities or educational institutions where scams are done with the due consent of both the issuer and the recipient. For example, an individual may through moles or scammers in the institution ask for fake credentials by paying the sum for it.

Organized frauds are frauds that are done by fake universities and institutions that issue fake credentials to their learners. The entire process of these false universities right from admission, enrollment, examination and the issue of certification is fake. Such universities are hard to recognise and pose threats to their learners and other recruiting organizations.

Independent Frauds are easy to detect as they are done through independent software like photoshop or editing apps and tools to create a replica of the original document and edit it with the identity and contents of the fake credentials.

The Ultimate Solution:

Since there is no way to stop or detect such fake credentials fraud and scams businesses must adopt Digital Credentials.

Digital credentials are the most secure way to issue a credential. Digital credentials can be encrypted with a digital key that denies any third-party access to the original document. If issued through blockchain technology, the identity of the contents of the digital credentials issued is stored in databases and digital ledgers. Thus, making these credentials both traceable and verifiable.

The recruiters can easily view and verify the originality of the documents through the meta-data they are enabled with. Since digital credentials can be encrypted with a digital key they also deny any cyber threats like data manipulation, hacking or forgery.

These digital credentials are easy to store and can be stored in a Digital backpack or Digital wallet which can be shared across all digital platforms like social media, websites and via mail.

In Conclusion:

The rise in fraudulent practices regarding fake credentials are on the rise and thus the need for Digital Credentials is crucial. Digital Credentials are the most secure and effective way to save the document from any data manipulation or cyber threat.