Video tutorials

Lesson 1 ,Getting Started, How to create a credential in CertifyMe

Lesson 2 ,How at attach and advertisement to your Credential

Lesson 3 ,How can I issue Awards in bulk by uploading a CSV

Lesson 4 ,How to embed verifiability to our credentials

Lesson 5 ,How To use Canva integration to design credential graphics

Lesson 6 ,How to Customize a credential, like add a photo to a credential graphics

Lesson 8 ,How to Acess API

Lesson 9 ,How to Pre-date a Credential

Lesson 10 ,Add your Custom Domain - CName

Lesson 11 ,Add Your Logo

Lesson 12 ,Linking LinkedIn to your CertifyMe Account

Lesson 13 ,Custom email set up

Lesson 14 ,Update passcode email and how to upgrade



Award your credentials using our platform

Get started in 3 simple steps. (1) Sign up. (2) Create your Credential template. (3) Start awarding. Our application automates the mundane task of Credential authoring, generation, and publication. Each credential is hosted on unique Webpage. The generated Credential Webpages are mobile/social media-friendly and sharable across 50+ social media platforms.

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Deploy your own Digital Credential Platform

Stand out, deploy your own Digital Credential Platform using our Framework. Your credential systems would run on dedicated servers ensuring a high level of security & customisability. You can also award unlimited amount of credentials. Just sit back and relax while our tech team does all the heavy lifting to ensure your Credential Platform is performing at its best.

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