Methods to generate referrals

Methods to generate referrals

Even though the world has been shifting towards digitalisation, word of mouth never goes out of style. People all over the world still go through reviews, ratings and comments. They also get influenced by others’ choices and recommendations.

To give this word of mouth a little push, or to say advertising the product or organisation or a program more effectively, companies use referral marketing.

Referral marketing differs from company to company based on the nature of their industry, goals set and target audience. Hence it’s important to choose the right method of referral marketing based on what your target audience is.

Be customer-centric:

Irrespective of what the nature of the industry is, the ultimate goal of any organisation is customer satisfaction that will eventually lead to profit maximization.

With thousands of competitors out there launching their products, it’s hard to get attention from the consumers. Hence, it becomes important for the organisation to target the right audience through a call to action.

When the customer understands the benefit of the product it will motivate them to further purchase it. A consumer who is satisfied with the purchase further acts as a referral for you by recommending and convincing others to make a purchase. Being customer-centric is the most cost-effective method for referral marketing.

Affiliate Referral Program:

Ever signed up to a website where they get you a coupon code for bringing up a new member to sign-up for the website for which you get rewarded with heavy discounts?

This is how an affiliate referral program works. It is always remarkable when a company values your membership and rewards you with it. Through affiliate programs, members promote the product and on generating the lead get commissioned for it. This helps both the company by generating leads and satisfies the consumer by rewarding them.


Referral programs don’t always have to be heavily invested. If done right you can promote your website through the consumers. Getting testimonials is one such way.

When a consumer completes the purchase, program or course, chances are they won’t return to the program or refer to others, the reason being they don’t have the connections who might avail the offer or enrol for the program.

This is where testimonials help, all you have to do is convince the consumer to put up a review for the service provided on the respective platforms. This would help future consumers purchase the product and also create goodwill for the respective organization and promote the brand.

Ask for Referrals:

Another major and simplistic way to get referrals from the consumer is by simply asking for it and here’s how:

Landing page: Create a form for the customers who have completed the program or made a purchase, where you could ask for referrals.

Social Media: Digital platforms like social media play a crucial role in promoting the brand. You can always ask for the purchasers or your social media followers to refer to your program or provide testimony for the service provided.

E-mail: Post-completion of the service provided to the consumer, you can always mail them to refer the programs to others.

In conclusion:

Referrals may seem time-consuming, but it is cost-effective and will help the company generate leads in the long run.