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Elevate Educational Success with Secure Digital Credentials

Deliver verified, portable digital certificates and transcripts, allowing students to proudly demonstrate their accomplishments online and enhancing the university's image.

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Boost your University Presence with Shareable Credentials

Boost your University Presence with Shareable Credentials

Establishing a strong digital presence and brand recognition is critical in today's competitive educational scene.

CertifyMe's digital badges and diplomas amplify social media presence, enhancing university prestige, attracting prospects, and spotlighting student achievements to a wider audience.

Enhance Academic Credibility

Maintaining academic integrity is challenging with current methods. CertifyMe's digital diplomas and transcripts ensure enhanced security and reliability, boosting the university's qualification value.

Secure Digital Diplomas

CertifyMe provides reliable digital diplomas and transcripts, reinforcing the university's academic reputation and ensuring the credibility of qualifications.

Optimize Efficiency with Integrated Credentialing Solutions

Optimize Efficiency with Integrated Credentialing Solutions

Managing a large number of credentials efficiently is difficult without seamless connection.

CertifyMe integrates smoothly with LMS, delivering digital credentials effortlessly, enhancing operational efficiency, and improving user experience for students and educators alike.

Streamline Credentialing with Automation

Issuing physical diplomas and transcripts to a big student body takes time and is prone to errors.

Automating digital credential management streamlines issuance, ensuring accurate and timely degree and transcript delivery. This efficiency frees resources for enhancing educational programs.

Streamline Credentialing with Automation

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Impressive range of features sets it apart as the ultimate solution for certificate verification. Their enterprise plan, along with customizable options, caters to diverse company needs, making it an awesome choice.

joshua avatar
Joshua J.

Chief Learning Officer, System Support Inc.

What truly stands out about CertifyMe is the remarkable support provided by their customer success team. They go above and beyond to ensure a seamless experience. Additionally, the platform boasts a clear and intuitive user interface, allowing easy navigation and customization.

aleena avatar
Aleena J.

Enrollment Manager, State University of New York

As a training provider, we appreciate the user-friendly interface and customizable digital badging options, which our students enthusiastically showcase on their social media profiles.

kasie avatar
Kasie V.

CEO, Sigma Forces

It offers an end-to-end solution, is user-friendly with single-click awarding, enables students to share badges on LinkedIn, provides branding options, and has excellent customer support and training.

sharon avatar
Sharon D.

Academic Coordinator, University of Texas