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Award Open Badge compliant progressive badges to motivate your learners to continue their excellent learning journey and increase audience participation.

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Freedom to Customize Digital Badges to Recognize Every Achievement

Appreciate the hard work and dedication of your learners and members while also keeping your brand under the limelight by designing verifiable, white label-friendly & tamper-proof e-badges. Create micro badges from scratch or choose a design from our large collection of badge templates.

Freedom to Customize Digital Badges to Recognize Every Achievement


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Secure, Portable and Shareable Digital Badges for Instant Celebration of Achievement

Secure, Portable and Shareable Digital Badges for Instant Celebration of Achievement

Showcase micro badges on 40+ social media platforms. CertifyMe badges allow one-click social sharing for social recognition. Create new career opportunities for recipients by offering easy-to-download, easy-to-share, and printable badges.

A Detailed Analytics Dashboard to Monitor Learner Activities

The analytics guide of CertifyMe enables you to see the level of student engagement with the open badges. Whether recipients are sharing online, downloading them or other institutes are verifying badges - you have the information at your fingertips.

A Detailed Analytics Dashboard to Monitor Learner Activities
High Level of Badge Data Security

High Level of Badge Data Security

We offer Open Badge 2.0 version-compliant digital badges. The immutable and portable micro badges come with a unique Quantum Ledger ID or a verification link for instant verification. Store the badges in the recipient's wallet.

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Our Happy Customers

Impressive range of features sets it apart as the ultimate solution for certificate verification. Their enterprise plan, along with customizable options, caters to diverse company needs, making it an awesome choice.

joshua avatar
Joshua J.

Chief Learning Officer, System Support Inc.

What truly stands out about CertifyMe is the remarkable support provided by their customer success team. They go above and beyond to ensure a seamless experience. Additionally, the platform boasts a clear and intuitive user interface, allowing easy navigation and customization.

aleena avatar
Aleena J.

Enrollment Manager, State University of New York

As a training provider, we appreciate the user-friendly interface and customizable digital badging options, which our students enthusiastically showcase on their social media profiles.

kasie avatar
Kasie V.

CEO, Sigma Forces

It offers an end-to-end solution, is user-friendly with single-click awarding, enables students to share badges on LinkedIn, provides branding options, and has excellent customer support and training.

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Sharon D.

Academic Coordinator, University of Texas

Questions & Answers

Get All Your Queries Resolved at Our FAQ Page!

1. What are digital badges?

Digital badges are visual representations of achievements, skills, or knowledge that are earned and displayed online. They serve as a form of recognition and validation of an individual's accomplishments or competencies in a specific area.

2. How are digital badges different from traditional certificates or credentials?

Digital badges are typically digital representations that can be easily shared, displayed, and verified online. They are often interactive and contain metadata, allowing for more detailed information about the achievement or skill.

3. How are digital badges earned?

Digital badges are typically earned by meeting specific criteria set by the badge issuer.

4. Are there any standards or frameworks for digital badges?

The most widely adopted standard is the Open Badges Specification developed by the Mozilla Foundation.

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