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How to connect PeopleForce with CertifyMe to send badges and certificates ?

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Benefits of Integrating PeopleForce with CertifyMe

Integrating PeopleForce with CertifyMe, a credential platform, can bring several benefits to both learners and organizations. Here's why such integration might be necessary:

Streamlined Credentialing Process for PeopleForce:

Integrating the PeopleForce with CertifyMe enables a seamless process for awarding certificates and badges to learners upon course completion. This streamlines administrative tasks and ensures that learners receive their credentials promptly.

Enhanced Learner Motivation:

Offering certificates and badges through CertifyMe can serve as a powerful motivator for learners. It provides tangible recognition of their achievements, encouraging them to engage more deeply with the learning material and complete courses successfully.

Improved Credential Verification:

Certificates and badges issued through CertifyMe are often digitally signed or verified, enhancing their credibility and authenticity. Integration with the PeopleForce ensures that learners' credentials are securely stored and easily accessible for verification purposes.

Increased Professional Recognition:

Certificates and badges earned through CertifyMe carry weight in professional circles, as they demonstrate mastery of specific skills or knowledge areas. Integration with the PeopleForce enables learners to showcase their achievements directly within their profiles or resumes, enhancing their professional recognition and career prospects.

Data Insights and Analytics:

Integrating CertifyMe with the PeopleForce allows organizations to gather valuable data and insights into learners' credentialing activities. This data can inform decisions regarding course offerings, content optimization, and learner engagement strategies.

Compliance and Accreditation:

For organizations operating in regulated industries or those seeking accreditation, integrating CertifyMe with the PeopleForce can help ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. It provides a standardized approach to credentialing and documentation, facilitating audits and accreditation processes.

Brand Consistency and Recognition:

By integrating CertifyMe with the PeopleForce, organizations can maintain brand consistency in the certificates and badges issued to learners. This reinforces the organization's identity and promotes recognition within the industry or community.

Overall, integrating PeopleForce with CertifyMe offers a range of benefits, including streamlined credentialing processes, enhanced learner motivation, improved credential verification, increased professional recognition, access to valuable data insights, compliance with industry standards, and strengthened brand recognition.

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Connect PeopleForce with CertifyMe to send badges and certificates


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PeopleForce and CertifyMe Integration Steps

PeopleForce--logo Access to PeopleForce account
  • Configure PeopleForce & CertifyMe

  • Pick PeopleForce as trigger

  • Choose CertifyMe as action

  • Map the right data

  • Finish

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CertifyMe integration with PeopleForce


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  • Multiple Triggers and Actions

  • Enhanced Learner Experience

  • Real-time Tracking

  • Verifiable Credentials

  • Reduced Administrative Burden

  • Scalability

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What truly stands out about CertifyMe is the remarkable support provided by their customer success team. They go above and beyond to ensure a seamless experience. Additionally, the platform boasts a clear and intuitive user interface, allowing easy navigation and customization.

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As a training provider, we appreciate the user-friendly interface and customizable digital badging options, which our students enthusiastically showcase on their social media profiles.

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It offers an end-to-end solution, is user-friendly with single-click awarding, enables students to share badges on LinkedIn, provides branding options, and has excellent customer support and training.

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