What is Digital Credential Management Platform?

What is Digital Credential Management Platform?

The Digital Credential Management platform is the most effective way for institutions who want to issue certifications for their course, event or program. Digital credentials are issued to acknowledge a person’s accomplishments, achievements, progress, qualifications, licenses and identification.

Digital credential management platforms help create, design and issue a digital certificate, digital badge or both. Contrary to paper-based credentials which require much care to physically handle and store, digital credentials are easy to store, share and manage through Digital credential management platforms.

Digital credentials can be issued in any format like pdf, XML, PEM format, PMX format. Digital Credential management platforms also have a range of templates, designs and formats to choose from and issue credentials. By integrating credentials into LMS, the institution can also keep track of the storage and record of the credentials issued.

To qualify for a Digital Credential Management Platform, the product must include:

Automation of the design and creation process Cost Managing sharing and storage of the digital credentials

How can you manage a Digital Credential platform:

Digital credentials can be issued and created by following some simple steps as follow:

Sign-up to the digital credential platform Select the plan that proves to be beneficial for you Go through the existing templates and branding of the credential document Choose and fill in the details of the contents required Customize the credential based on creativity, qualification and type Integrate the credential into LMS for tracking Automate the credential Create Qr codes or encryption for the credential

In Conclusion:

Digital Credential Management Platforms helps institutions and businesses issue, create and design digital credentials, digital certificates and digital badges with ease. Integrating the credential into LMS helps the platform track and record the credential and helps verify the identity of the contents. Digital credentials platforms are the most secure way to issue credentials and resolve the problems of data manipulation and cyber threats.