Why are Digital Certificates Trending?

Why are Digital Certificates Trending?

The recent global pandemic has led to digitalisation giving rise to many digital buzzwords including Digital Certificates or Digital Certification Programs. Now, the question may arise why exactly are Digital certificates trending?

What is a Digital Certificate?

A digital certificate is an encrypted digital file or document that verifies the system, server and contents of the certification. A digital certificate acts as evidence for the user’s achievement or accomplishment. It is a high-stake credential awarded to users who have completed their degree or a course.

Digital Certificates are gaining popularity across all industries. Some of the reasons why they are trending could be as follows:


A digital certificate comes with high-level encryption that secures the identity of both the issuer and the recipient from getting forged, manipulated or getting tampered with. The digital key allows users to access the file with security and denies third-party access. The digital signature verifies the contents of the certificates. A digital certificate is backed with meta-data that enables verification and traceability.


The issuer of the digital certificate can centralize the controls of the digital credentials system. This factor also enables utmost security of access to the original document and digital key. Centralisation of the digital certification can be done irrespective of the size or culture of the industry. The centralized authority can also control the issue, renovation and revocation of the digital certificates.


The digital credential platforms enable a rigorous process to examine, verify and identify the organizations’ legitimacy to issue a digital certification program. Therefore, the final certification program is an output of a thoroughly examined process and can provide legitimate proof of its authenticity. This gains the trust of the users and encourages participation.


A digital certificate can be shared across all digital platforms like social media, websites, webpages, portfolios or CVs. This will allow users to display and demonstrate their achievements for employment or to verify the competency of their skills and ability. Digital certificates can also be embedded on social networking sites Like LinkedIn.

Public Trust:

The high-level security and encryption of the digital certificates and also the other factors that it comes with like shareability, traceability, easy to view and easy to verify has gained public trust giving to its popularity in the current working digital environment. The public can rely on the organizations’ certification program to quantify their skills and acquire a legitimate certificate that will increase their chances of employment.

In Conclusion:

Digital certificates are gaining popularity among learners and for all the right reasons. A digital certificate is on the rise replacing the use of traditional paper-based certificates. The factors that attracted most of the users who created the buzz are its ability to be easily shared, view and verify.