In the digital age, effective credential management goes beyond just issuing certificates and badges. It’s about understanding how these credentials are used, their impact, and how to optimize the process. CertifyMe offers robust analytics and reporting features through its comprehensive analytic dashboard designed to offer detailed insights into credentialing activities. The dashboard is user-friendly and provides a clear view of various metrics that are crucial for organizations to evaluate their credentialing processes. CertifyMe offers analytics at three distinct levels, each catering to different needs within an organization The three levels are:

  1. Organization level analytics
  2. Program level analytics
  3. Awardee level analytics

Organization Level Analytics

Organization level analytics provide a bird’s-eye view of all credentialing activities within the organization. This level of analytics helps organizational leaders understand the big picture, make informed strategic decisions, and optimize credentialing processes across the board.

It provides an accurate representation of the following metrics:

  1. Total number of credentials issued: Track the overall output of credentialing.
  2. Overall engagement rates: Understand how recipients are interacting with their credentials.
  3. Compliance rates: Ensure that credentialing meets regulatory and organizational standards.
  4. Trends over time: Analyze how credentialing activities evolve and identify seasonal or periodic trends.

Organization level analytics in CertifyMe

Program Level Analytics

Program level analytics focus on specific programs or learning paths. These insights are invaluable for program managers and educators, allowing them to assess the success of their programs, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven adjustments to enhance learning outcomes.

Key metrics displayed include:

  1. Completion rates: Monitor how many learners complete their courses or learning paths.
  2. Learner progress: Track individual and group progress through programs.
  3. Program effectiveness: Evaluate how well programs are meeting learning objectives.
  4. Distribution of credentials: See how credentials are spread across different programs.

Program level analytics in CertifyMe

Awardee Level Analytics

Awardee level analytics provide a detailed view of individual learner performance. This granular level of analytics helps in personalizing learning experiences, providing targeted support to learners, and recognizing individual achievements.

The metrics depicted include:

  1. Credentials earned: Track which credentials each learner has achieved.
  2. Time taken to complete courses: Analyze how long it takes learners to complete their courses.

  3. Engagement levels: Measure how actively learners are engaging with the content.

  4. Specific achievements: Highlight notable accomplishments of learners.

Awardee level analytics in CertifyMe

Does CertifyMe Provide an Option for Downloading Analytics Reports of Issued Credentials?

Yes, CertifyMe allows users to download the analytic reports of issued credentials, so that organizations can effectively utilize their data for strategic planning and reporting. To download the analytics report, click the “Download Report” button located at the top-left of the “My Analytics” tab.

These reports can be exported in various formats, such as PDF or Excel.

This feature is particularly useful for:

  1. Offline analysis: Conduct detailed analysis without needing constant internet access.
  2. Sharing with stakeholders: Easily distribute reports to team members, executives, or external partners.
  3. Record-keeping: Maintain comprehensive records of credentialing activities for compliance and auditing purposes.

Can CertifyMe Generate Analytics Reports on Credential Usage?

Absolutely, CertifyMe can generate detailed analytics reports on credential usage. These reports provide insights into:

  1. Verification rates: Understand how often credentials are being verified.
  2. Frequency of access: Monitor how frequently recipients are accessing their credentials.
  3. Geographical distribution: Analyze where credential holders are located around the globe.

By understanding how credentials are used, organizations can assess the impact and reach of their credentialing programs, identify trends, and make data-driven improvements. This information is crucial for measuring the effectiveness of credentialing efforts and ensuring that they are meeting the intended goals.


In wrapping up, we understand how easily credential management can become chaotic. That’s why, at CertifyMe, we’ve equipped you with everything needed to streamline and optimize the credential management process, making it smoother and more efficient for you and your team.

Our meticulously designed analytics and reporting features provide a comprehensive and holistic understanding of your credentialing statistics. This ensures you can stay on top of your data and make informed decisions to enhance your credentialing strategies.

We’ve ensured you have all the necessary information to monitor progress and identify ways to optimize your process effectively.