Here's how digital badges and digital certificates will help your abilities

Here’s how digital badges and digital certificates will help your abilities

The rise of digitalisation offers so many opportunities for learners to quantify their skills and abilities. With the help of digital education platforms, you can gain access to knowledge all around the world by sitting at your own comfort. This also promotes healthy competition to display and demonstrate your skills, qualifications and abilities.

Adaptation of Digital certificates and Digital Badges is the best possible solution to tackle the traditional certification problems and display your skills for the benefit of employment.

So what exactly are they?

Digital Badges:

Digital badges are still in a developing stage. They are low-stake credentials usually rewarded for progressing in a course or activity. For example, digital badges could be given to the learners after completing a task or a learning module.

Openbadges are a type of digital badge that is backed with meta-data making it easily verifiable and traceable. It was founded by Mozilla in 2011.

Digital Badges are easily shareable and can be displayed on your portfolio or social networking profile, for example, LinkedIn.

Digital Certificates:

A digital certification is digital proof of individual qualification. A digital certification is rewarded mainly after completion of a course or a degree.

Digital certificates can be shared across all digital platforms and are easily verifiable and traceable. The digital certificate includes a digital signature and digital key that can be verified and denies any third-party access.

Digital Badges and digital certification can be rewarded for:

Soft skills like communication, team management, leadership Hard skills like programming languages, CRM, software development Technical skills like analytical tools, accounting, network security Computer skills like MS Office, email, database management

In Conclusion:

Digital Badges and Digital Certificates can help you display and demonstrate your skills and abilities for employment. One can also gain more skills to quantify their abilities and build a strong portfolio.