How to Prevent Certification and Credential Frauds

How to Prevent Certification and Credential Frauds?

The corporate world is ever-changing and ever-growing leading to competition and growth. This makes it crucial for organizations to recruit the best employees that help progress and support the goals to be achieved.

Recruitment has become the top-most priority and activity in the business environment, as this directly affects the performance and working of the organization.

Hiring has been much easier with the rise in technology and social-networking sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, or Glassdoor. Apart from that, recent years have seen significant growth in the usage of digital credentials to verify and evaluate the candidate’s competency in the skills acquired.

To get the right candidate one could follow the below-mentioned steps:

Clear and Concise Job-Description:

Job descriptions are the most essential part of posting for a job. Write a clear and concise job description mentioning the key role, key responsibilities, qualifications and skills required, years of experience, and about the company.

A job description will help the candidate choose the right job by identifying the roles and responsibilities that match with his/her qualifications, skills, and abilities.

Customized Job Application:

Create customized job applications in the format of online forms and questionnaires. This will help filter qualified candidates as per the required role.

Telephonic Interviews:

Interview the client through a telephonic interview or on a professional video platform. This will help identify the persona, personality, and communication skills of the candidate.

Aid tools and technologies:

Some numerous tools and technologies will help the organization in the recruiting process. Taking the aid of digital tools will save the time-consuming process of recruitment and also gain the organization a worthy candidate.

The above mentioned are key steps that one could take to acquire the right candidate but what’s crucial in the recruitment process is to verify the authenticity of the credentials provided by the candidate.

A major mass of organizations has been a victim of certification fraud that led to hindering the organization’s progress, compromising the quality and brand value, and waste of time and effort for the recruitment.

Need for candidates verification using Credential:

Talent acquisitions should make candidate verification their top-most priority during the recruitment process. Certification fraud is common and sometimes may cost a lot more than what’s bargained for.

Digital credentials are the most effective way to verify the candidate’s credentials. Digital certificates and digital badges are backed with meta-data that are traceable and verifiable, validating the candidate’s qualification.

Digital credentials are enabled with blockchain technology that helps share, view, and verify the credentials instantly, reducing the recruiter’s time and efforts.

It also diminishes the chances of unqualified and unlicensed candidates’ access to the job, encouraging a healthy recruitment process.

In Conclusion:

Certification frauds are avoidable with the help of digital credentials. Digital credentials are encrypted and verifiable that validating the candidate’s competency to the skills and qualifications.