The Growth of Edtech Companies through Digital Credentials

What is EdTech?

EdTechs which is short for Educational Technologies facilitates learning with the combined use of software, educational theory and practice. Educational technologies which are often referred to as EdTech are educational industries that provide and create educational technology for learning and practice.

Need for Edtech:

With the recent global pandemic and its constant return, Edtechs has gained a lot of popularity and are constantly trending. The need for educational technology has increased ever since the global pandemic which forced people all around the world to go lockdown and stay quarantined within the four walls of their homes. This made everyone go remote and the need for EdTech to gain popularity.

Edtech company that issue credentials or certification did so by issuing a PDF document of the credential acquired. PDF documents are not secured and allow forgery to the original document, third-party access, data manipulation and many more cyber attacks. This will further target the reputation and brand value of Educational technology. Hence the question of a crucial solution to these rising problems arises.

Growth of Edtech through Digital Credentials:

Digital credentials are the most effective, secure and simplistic way to issue credentials that avoids cyber threats. They are secured, encrypted and are stored in databases. A digital credential that is issued through a digital credential platform backed with blockchain technology stores and records the identity of the recipient the credential is issued to. Digital credentials can be issued in any virtual format like XML, PEM and as a PDF.

Blockchain technology secures the file from any data manipulation, forgery, hacking or any other cyber threats. Hence, Digital Credentials are the most effective way for EdTech to secure their issuing of credentials.

Initially, Edtech company had to resort to word-to-mouth marketing, traditional marketing through the use of billboards and televisions. With digital credentials, it is easy for EdTech Companies to advertise their program. Since learners love to get recognised for their efforts and participation and credentials help them display their skills on portfolios, Digital credentials easily gain the attention of such learners who care career-focused and need to advance in their career for employment.

They are also easy to share and can be shared across all digital platforms and professional websites, and can also be displayed on portfolios and resumes.

In Conclusion:

EdTech companies are on the rise ever since the global pandemic and the continuity of remote working and learning. Digital credentials are a simplistic and secure way to attract and recognise learners. Digital credentials are also secure from any cyber threats and can be easily shared for the purpose of employment. The Growth of Edtech Companies through Digital Credentials